Invest in property & get European citizenship


The Cyprus citizenship by investment program, is the fastest way to get your EU passport. Within just 3 months we will help you become an EU citizen. We will manage the whole process on your behalf, from choosing the right investment plan and preparing paperwork all the way through planning your exit strategy.

Ready to take the next step and learn how we can help you and your family become EU citizens in just 3 months?

Nothing is Faster Freedom of the EU Family Included
At three months, from investment to passport, Cyprus’ investment program is the quickest way to obtain EU citizenship. As a citizen of Cyprus, you’ll be free to live, travel and work anywhere in all of the EU’s 28 member states. Your citizenship includes your spouse and children (aged up to 28) in your family.
Visa-Free Travel Financial Freedom Easy Exit
Your EU passport will entitle you to travel to 159 countries around the world without needing a visa. You’ll be able to buy property anywhere in the EU and transfer funds between any EU countries. If you want to, you can exit your investment after just three years without losing your citizenship

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Ways to Invest

To qualify for Cyprus’ Investment Program, you must invest at least €2 million in one or more of these options.

Property Funds Business
Invest in real estate, infrastructure or land development project(s) in Cyprus. Buy, create or participate in a Cypriot business or one that employs at least five Cypriot citizens. Invest in Cyprus Alternative Investment Funds (CAIF), which in turn invest capital in Cypriot businesses.

OR any combination of these.

We will handle every aspect of your investment, including all the necessary paperwork and the transfer of funds.  Not sure how to invest? We can help you choose the right investment based on your existing portfolio, your investment experience and your future plans.


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